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Posted 13th Feb
One for those who are having MRI scans.

As with all tech, things get better and in the case of MRI, both in terms of quality and speed. If you have to have an MRI, ask about what Tesla version it is. Many are 1.5 but 3 is the latest for both quality of picture definition and the time taken to do the scan.

How I would have loved my recent 60 minute scan (do not move Sir. I now have a very sore backside) to be a mere 20-30 minutes. And that's before I know the radiologist would get significantly better pictures with which to decide what the problem is which, when one option is the big C, is quite important to me . Now I have to have it redone with the newer machine for the 2nd opinion that I have asked for. I wish I had known before hand.

ACCEPT NOTHING. Don't be put off from asking questions. The radiologist is important but as with any craftsman, the better the tools, the better the result. A good clinician will be helpful rather than dismissive of your interest.
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I saw the headline and thought Elon had announced a new trim level.

Best wishes to you, OP.
Very good information there, and I hope all is well for you.

My wife has yearly MRI's to ensure no metastisis this is great information, thank you.
Hope all is well for you. I definitely agree, with me it has been pain and I would say to others fight for everything, be strong and confident, ask questions and get multiple opinions and if a condition look into it yourself as you have more interest in fixing yourself than the specialists that are being paid. Just had to have MRI and never knew about this, I also had to fight for scans on both ankles and go against a consultants view- result found issues in both ankles.
I saw the headline and thought Elon had announced a new trim level.

Best wishes to you, OP.
Good info, thanks for posting
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