test drive unlimited xbox 360

    Hi folks. I am trying to find a copy of this game but seems to be out of stock everywhere. Any ideas where I can find a new copy, only seem to be able to find pre-owned. Cheers.


    Awesome game and very much under rated.......doubt you will find a new copy on the classics label for less than a tenner now.....most, if not all will be pre-owned. Best bet is to try the bay

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    I don't mind how much it is as long as I can find a copy. Never like buying games from ebay but will go there as a last resort if I have to :thumbsup: Cheers

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    Wow, thanks. Not familiar with either of those sites. Are the games new?

    cex wouldnt be new. its like a cash converter. Never used them online beofre but have visited the stores.

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    cex store is very good online used em last week

    i have a mint original version for sale..£15 delivered

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    I ordered from CEX last night mate, cheers anyway though :-)
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