TEST: Health & Safety

Found 3rd Dec 2008
Dear All,

Further to recent correspondence in this highly important area, I felt it would be both important and interesting to gauge your perceptive and observational skills with the attached visual test.

Now, it only takes a minute or so. Please try and identify the hazards in the accompanying images which have been taken in various construction situations.

I'd be most interested to learn of your findings for future psychometric training ideas.

Best regards,

(see 6 next posts for pictures)
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I see you've misspell "reserved" on the other two posts.... WHAT DO i WIN???? =D

Oupies... you're not done resssssercviingn posts, would you like me to delete this?
dont worry it's all done now i best get to bed. have fun quackstar84
i went through archives for this oldie, because you asked for it in the other thread '5 Levels of Lucky'.

Check the amount of grip on the tire, make sure the floor is not slippy (in the middle, is that a drain for blood? Hence water will have been used to wash it down), make sure the meat is at the low temp it needs to be in order to avoid rot. Make sure the meat he's carrying is below 25KG and that he picks it up with his legs, not his back. Make sure the meat hooks are secure... and make sure he's skilled enough to be stupid.

Limit the amount of saw dust on the floor to avoid contact with eyes (his eye protection is limited), be sure to use correct ergonomics to avoid back pain. Make sure the red stop button is in hands reach and it works fine. Be sure to have a water base fire extinguisher 5 meters or more away from that bucket of wood. Be sure a med kit is close by to stop bleeding and an ice pack to put his fingers in (he's a second away from cutting his fingers off) to avoid cutting his finger off, have a saw gaurd in. Secure that cable behide him.

For the health and safey of the fish, be sure his feet are the same temp as the fish tank, he's washed his feel with a PH 7 soap then made sure to wash all the soap off. Be sure to cut all power away from that fuse box so he can carry on being a clown while he works. Do a risk assessment on the employee before you give him the job (this goes for them all).

Be sure he has some scissors on hand so he can cut the pretty scavle (spellings) away when he starts to be dragged under. Be sure the scissors are secure so he doesn't die from them. Make sure there's no keys in the roller so he can't kill himself in the first place.

Sand down the areas around the ladder so it becomes non-slippy due to wax. Streghten the ladder within it's middle. Put down the dog so it can't drag him down (lol sorry dark joke) be sure to have liters of water around in case he drinks the paint... =I... also have some bleach to have the flow of that paint because he's a clown and paint will put hairs on his chest.

Knock down a few of the building's floors to lower it's hight... so most other building are higher.

Make sure a church is close by because they are alway earthed very well.

That one's easy. Should never let a woman touch the electrics. Or even a man who looks like a woman.
haha Q, you got me there lol. top marks grasshopper.

*tight slap to dxx though for getting it wrought!
*Bounces*... yay... lol. I feel sick today... =*(... *Puts pitty box down*... please fill it...
no rep begging LOL
Meow =*)
lol you're too cute. okay go on ... have some rep for keeping me entertained
*purrs and rolls over*... meow =)
r u exposing yr privates to me already? *grins
:oops: *slowly crawls away*... meow :-D
I like Mr/Miss Cat in your Avatar =).... "MINE" :lol:
thanks honey. i suppose i'm meant to recipocrate by saying i like your cheeky face avvy ... hmm let me think about it first

hey so what's your weekend plans going to be like?
Slowly nocking my head on the desk for bout an hour... then go to the gym... then walk back home while enjoying the fresh "freezing cold" air =I... then see bout going out with me sis's bf for dwink or two... then sleep for week :lol:
or three from the sounds of it - sleep for week?
Maybe four? =)

I'd love too... yesh please... lol


REALLY??! Scarf.... Scarves plural

lol... sorry... bit tightly wound at the moment!
meh... Dyslexic.com .... meh.
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