Tevion LCD problem - HDMI

Found 17th May 2009

I've had a 32" Tevion (LCD3207) TV for around 2.5 years now, without many issues.

However, I recently came to play my 360 through the HDMI port and although a picture appears, there is no sound at all. Thinking it was my HDMI splitter, I connected the 360 directly to my TV but the same happened. Then I tried a different HDMI cable, again to no avail.

Decided I might as well try my PS3, on that I don't even get a picture - just 'No Signal'.

If I have my media PC connected to the TV through VGA the sound from that actually comes through on the HDMI channel.

Has anyone had similar problems before? I'm thinking the port may have gone faulty but wanted to double check before investigating the warranty (As an aside, what is the best way to get in touch with Tevion? Or can I take it back to Aldi and get a full refund so I can buy a new tele now the branded ones are a bit cheaper?)

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i had similar problem on my 40inch tevion .phone aldi customer service.mine has a 3 yr warranty.they will send someone out too sort it or take it away too repair.mine had a faulty circuit board.or ask aldi who is the local service agent if its out of warranty and ask for a quote to have it repaired
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