Text keyboard mic issues

Found 1st Jul
I appear to be having issues with my text keyboard mic (Android phone, Moto G5 Plus). It either doesn't work at all or delays for a good few seconds.

As far as I can tell nothing has been disabled.

Any idea what the problem might be that's causing this?

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Which keyboard? Stock keyboard?
wayners1 h, 34 m ago

Which keyboard? Stock keyboard?

Sorry, I was assuming the description was correct. It's probably more of a virtual keyboard if anything.

If you go to messaging you will see a microphone icon.This is what the issue is with.

Google search engine, maps and YouTube appear to work without any problem, it's only when using my phone to dictate messages I appear to have issues. It seems to pause for about 5 or 6 second before showing anything. In fact it's doing it right now while I'm writing this.
Use a different sms app (eg. Textra )
chocci6 h, 4 m ago

Use a different sms app (eg. Textra )

Yeah, good idea, I might just do that.

Thanks chocci.
LemonHead22 m ago

Yeah, good idea, I might just do that. Thanks chocci.

or even try a different keyboard app (I find swiftkey the best)
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