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    What do people use to clean their tft screens? I have been trying to find an answer to this for a while now but had no luck. Please post links to products if possible.


    Try this it works great for mine :thumbsup:

    ]TFT Cleaner HERE

    ive just been researching this (well sort of) and in all fareness, plain and simple water works a treat.

    Get a lint free cloth, or a towel thats been washed loads of times and doesnt give off fluff. Lightly dampen (squeeze all excess water out) a small area on the towel and wipe the monitor. Then gently buff the water away, it really does work.

    I use the philips cleaning kit for asda. Think its about £6? It comes with a static free soft cloth and a cleaning gel. Works a treat

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    I thought that there would be something like screen wipes which may leave a clear finish as i have tried with water and it leaves smears but only visible while monitor is swithed off. What do they use in the factory to give them that clean look when you first buy them?

    I got a pack of 100 screen cleaning wipes from PC World ages ago. Theyve lasted me for months now (although some do go a little dry but still work fine). They leave a slight residue for about 20 secs but then after the air has got to it it completely goes and leaves the screen like out of the factory. Plus ive never had a scratch using them at all, and you can apply quite a bit of pressure if theres stubborn grime on the screen.

    Just had a quick look and they now have large ones available:

    ]100 screen wipes

    or better value but not the same make as mine:

    ]200 screen wipes

    would the same products used for a tft screen be used for a 32" LCD ?


    would the same products used for a tft screen be used for a 32" LCD ?


    The cleaning products for LCD and Plasma screens are a waste of money. Get down to Tesco and pick up the Scotch-Brite micro-fibre cloths approx £3 for a pack of 2. Use one that's damp to remove any mess and the other to dry.

    I researched this topic on AV forums and this is the best method. I had huge smear marks on my Plasma and could not believe how well they worked. Plus they are reusable after a quick wash.

    Do remember to use them gently working in straight lines.
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