T.G.I Fridays birthday deal

    I'm new here so sorry if this doesn't really fit in but T.G.I. Fridays says they will send you something special for your birthday if you sign up with them.…tml

    I know they had the same sort of thing in the states and it was a sort of buy one get one meal free sort of thing. Sadly they never made it to Canada but I was pleased to discover them here in England. So, I thought I'd share. Hopefully this is helpful to someone.


    ooooooohhhhh well am coming up for 21 in couple of week so will go have a peek

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    Yes, let me know if it works for you! I hope it does... Sadly I didn't think of this before mine, only a week ago!

    cheers geekyfreak, new here myself, i like the site hope you do too:thumbsup:
    ps some of the misc threads are v funny

    They usually send you a voucher for free deserts or free cocktail................both of which are worth having! Trouble is the vouchers usually arrive by email about a month before your birthday!


    Yep, got mine a couple of weeks ago (and bday isn't until 13th October).

    You get a choice of 3 offers.

    Free champagne - Break open the bubbly! There's champagne for you and up to 7 friends!
    Free desserts - Make a meal of it! Share indulgent desserts with up to 7 friends!
    Free Cocktails - Start your celebrations with our dazzling cocktails for you and up to 7 friends!

    Yummy yummy yummy

    Why fo these UK restautants attempt to copy the style of American originals. They fail miserably. Most British versions of anything are pitiful and embarrasing. I remember CAtherine Tate as an UK - USA wannabee waitress - attempting to bring the razzamatazz of a US diner to the reserved the UK.…B3M
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