im going to australia in may and need 2200£ in my bank to enter AUS that's no problem. but going thailand for about 3 weeks b 4 heading to australia. Any1 got any ideas of how much i will already booked going bankock and singapore. all really gotta worry about it food, travelling and drink....any ideas???


    Thailand is very cheap food and drink wise,street food starts at around 25 baht for pad thai or noodle dishes(there is around 70 baht to the £) so you can feast for very little.Large beers like chang/tiger beer can be got for about a quid also(625ml bottles I think)
    Buses are very cheap to travel on,depending on how much you want to see,this is a very cheap and reliable method to get to places.
    Taxi fares are always worth haggling over,don't accept the price they give.
    Tuk tuks are great fun and very nippy in the city,again cheap and barter the price,there will be tuk tuk drivers wanting to give you a tour and take you to see gemstones/jewellry can do it if you want but it is often a scam,so beware of this.

    Basically haggle for everything(apart from the food etc) it is a great place and you will have a fantastic time:)

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    cheers mucky
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