Found 5th Jan 2010
Can anyone help me with information a trip to thailand with the missus

looking for a decent beach break at Koh Simu or similar.

seen a decent trip on travel mood site , anybody, used their services

Thanks for any forthcoming assistance

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Been years since I last went...... I expect you still get greeted on on Koh Samui with Chewang, Chewang, Chewang..... Lamai, Lamai, Lamai..... Big Budha, Big Budha etc etc etc.................

Its definately gonna be far to commercial now IMHO to be worth a visit, but there will still be some great places in Thailand that are unspoilt.

Cheaper to go alone. You can find a missus very cheap over there but make sure they are of the right gender before *cough cough*.

It is worth a visit, but as Guv said, try and find other places if you can...It is all the same, ie. beautiful, so no need to go to the "touristy" bits. Do some research and try and find an up and coming beach, as opposed to ones that will be a bit played out and commercial...
A few years since I've been myself also, but Koh Chang and Koh Maak were great a few years ago...Samui is ok, but there is better out there. :thumbsup:

I would also just get a flight and find somewhere to stay when you are there. You can always find somewhere, and you can pick up anywhere for a night, and then use a day to have a look around and see if you want to stay, and move in to other accomodation.
DON'T take a lot of clothes, as they are cheap, and you will always end up buying loads. 1 of everything will do you untill you get there, apart from pants. Take a few pairs of pants.


depends what you want to do....samui is marketing itself as an upmarket destination these days.....all big money hotels on the beach fronts now in chaweng youll be lucky to find accomadation for less than 1200 bht a night .......few other places/beaches around the island which are cheaper tho

depends what u want from your holiday

i can recommend the holiday inn resort on Phi Phi. bitch of a journey, but its so worth it. brilliant place. so quiet. best beaches i've ever been on. the resort also allows you to escape 'the crowds' of the town (still pretty quiet). awesome, and ridiculously, cheap restaurants along the beach. get a beachfront appartment and you wont regret it!
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