Thailand Phuket .. trip

    Help ... off to Phuket Thailand early June..

    Im flying to Bangkok airport , but taking a connecting flight straight out to Phuket..

    Need to get some travel insurance , bit worried might be void with the FO decalring

    travel concerns....Any Ideas ...


    official word is you are ok if you are transiting in Bankok - but if you leave the airport you arnt - I am reading thhis from the FO website now -
    Ring you insurer and ask would be best bet as transiting is ok according to FO

    fo website

    We advise against all but essential travel to the city of Bangkok, in light of ongoing political demonstrations and outbreaks of violence within the city. [SIZE="6"]This advice does not apply to passengers transiting Bangkok airport on their way to other destinations in Thailand or internationally.[/SIZE]

    If you travel anywhere against foreign office advice your insurance is void if you just take a standard policy. you may be able to phone round and specifically explain where you are going and get cover,but if you just buy general insurance and go to thailand you wont be paid any claim.

    It's a Country in turmoil so stay well clear.. or off course you could always pack lots of red "T" shirts and mingle with the crowds.

    Phuket was really nice -we hired a car and drove around he island stopping of at the different beeches .
    They have a massive tescos over there as well which we were really surprised to see so if you need suncream etc or the like you can get it from there - if you have sat nav they might have the maps for phuket and you can you use them .
    Theres a couple of malls there as well that have clean , reasonable priced and lovely tasting thai food if you fancy a restaurant setting , but equally there are lots of street stalll you can take your pick -
    Its a shame about bangkok though - love the city
    Hope the info was of help but im sooo jelous of you .....
    Also you might want to try this --- fo website
    LOCATE: register with us

    LOCATEIf you are a British national, and travelling or living abroad, or planning to do so, use our LOCATE service to tell us. Our embassy and crisis staff can then give you better assistance in an emergency such as a tsunami or terrorist attack.

    We are encouraging all British nationals travelling and living abroad to register with us on LOCATE, even for short trips.

    Already registered and going on another trip? Simply, login and update your LOCATE account and we’ll let the next British embassy know.


    I didn't get a penny from my insurance company, for my 6 night extended stay in Singapore. Wished they would list what conditions are OK and what are not in their summaries. I mean, you insure because things can go wrong.... not for things that the insurance company think may not happen so are happy to cover for. No wonder people commit fraud!



    It's a Country in turmoil so stay well clear.. or off course you could … It's a Country in turmoil so stay well clear.. or off course you could always pack lots of red "T" shirts and mingle with the crowds.

    and a light green one depending on which side you get caught up with
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