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Posted 27th Oct
Hey guys and girls.
I just want to say a very big thank you to people who spend time and comment on our posts. Helping each other is awesome, especially if it’s a stranger. Sharing our own opinions, ideas and experiences is brilliant.
I have had loads of people helping me out with my questions. HUKD is an amazing platform.
Thank you to everyone!
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I agree
"...Helping each other is awesome, especially if it’s a stranger..."

...and some members here are stranger than most.
fanpages27/10/2019 16:27

"...Helping each other is awesome, especially if it’s a stranger..."...and …"...Helping each other is awesome, especially if it’s a stranger..."...and some members here are stranger than most.

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Really nice to see a positive thread.

I find generally this is lovely community with lots of helpful folks.

Thanks to all you lovely people who share deals, add helpful advice, creating interesting discussions and have a bit of banter.
I agree. I’ve saved money, made money and even won something in a competition... something I’ve always considered impossible to win due to low odds. Just great
I'm just very pleased to find you "chipper" Merry000. I was a bit concerned when one of your last threads just sort of vanished!

You're absolutely right. I love to read some of the questions and stories and learn plenty from them myself. For some, It's also a nice 'social' connection too if you can't (or don't) get out and about like you used to.

Long may it continue, eh?
I love the polite replies the best. Everybody needs help now and then.
This place can be great, but it can also quickly go the other way.

I've had some good chats with members over the years I've been here. Always available, reached out to a few on Christmas Day last year as I knew we may have been struggling with mental health.

It can be like the world used to be...a community. Imagine the possibilities
Lovely to read this @Merry000

It is just amazing that we have so many community members going out of their way to help each other. Of course the deal sharing is great but when we see members engaging in great discussion, sharing their expert knowledge or giving sage advice in sensitive topics it shows just how special our community is.

We provide the platform but you guys make hotukdeals what it is. Despite how some members might perceive the team (yes, i'm talking about the big bad mods who love to suspend and ban ) we know that community is everything.
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