Thank you all!

    Hello everyone!

    I'd like to take time out to thank everyone who has posted on UKHotdeals... today I got the biggest load of post I've ever had and a whole bunch of freebies!

    Strongbow Sirrus glass
    20% off bite card
    Jack daniels calendar
    Free Virgin Trains tickets
    Original Source shower gel
    and some mesh cards

    Thanks all.

    *pic removed now


    Thanks for the pic monkeydust.

    I've received quite a few freebies too. Some take so long to arrive that I've forgotten all about them.:roll:

    Even though i didn't help in any of the deals you benefitted from, i would still like to thank you because people put a lot of effort into helping others, which is what makes this a really nice community and appreciation gives everyone that extra drive to carry on, so i'm sure they'll appreciate this.

    Lucky you..I apply for most of the free deals but get about a 30% success rate with a delivery.
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