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Me and my partner just had our first baby (little girl called Olivia born on Friday) and we have been inundated with gifts, cards etc. We want to send out thank you cards to all. I like the idea of one with a photo on and had a quick glance on the net and it seems pricey. What options do I have and has anyone done anything like this before?


i have done similar for xmas..printed pics myself and put a little letter with it, printed and altered to make personal. I dont think it has to be expensive.

Congratulations to all of you xx
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Congratulations and welcome to the world baby Olivia!

Have a look at the vouchers section on here for the photo printing and card companies, like with funkypigeon you can get 50% off cards, there are also probably other companies with some good deals on, maybe look at snapfish and moonpig.

congrats on the new addition

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Thanks. I'm not that arty but may consider something home made if I have to!


Thanks. I'm not that arty but may consider something home made if I have … Thanks. I'm not that arty but may consider something home made if I have to!

If you have an inkjet printer then you could pick up some photo paper and print the cards yourself, if you have a laser printer don't put the inkjet photo paper in it as it melts lol.

Edit: Though bear in mind if you can get a personalised card with photo sent from funkypigeon for 89p inc delivery etc (thats what it cost me last time) it will probably work out cheaper than doing it yourself.


You could take a digital picture and add a nice border using publisher or similar programme then take the file into boots on a usb stick and ask for x amount of copies printed.....then send them out as postcards to people or just pop them in an envelope with a short note.
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Cheers all. We don't have a printer but the boots idea sounds a good one. Only issue is they print on photo paper so difficult to write on the back. May have a play with publisher though and see what I can knock up!!

Wifey sent out photocards like these.…ouk
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Wifey sent out photocards like … Wifey sent out photocards like these.[url=][/url]

They are fab, at least 25% off (if not more with another voucher) but I just saw code THANKYOUCARD which is 25% off.

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Awesome. Thanks for the link I'll have a look

Congratulations to you all!

We bought a pack of blank cards with envelopes from hobbycraft with a space for a photo to be inserted and wrote babys details on the front (name, DOB, weight etc) and then wrote personal message in the card. It didn't work out too expensive and was a nice personal touch. You can get the cards in any craft shop and i think tesco sell them now too.
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