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Found 28th Dec 2006

I'm new so please be gentle with me. ;-)

Anyway I ordered a 32" Samsung LCD TV (LE32R74BDX) from 247Electrical last week. I received an email from them last Friday saying that it had been despatched and gave me a consignment number for City-Link. When I checked on the City-Link website it informed me that the goods have been collected and were on the way to my local delivery branch (Bangor in North Wales). It had an expected delivery date of the 23rd of December (the following Saturday).

Saturday comes without any TV so I ring up the about lunchtime to check whether I'd receive it today as I was going out with my girlfriend and wanted to know whether I needed to stay in. The man at the collection depot informs me that they hadn't received it at the delivery depot so delivery would be after Christmas.

I checked the City-Link website over the holiday and the message never changed (expected delivery of the 23rd and that the goods were on route to the delivery branch).

I checked again today and the message hadn't changed so I called 247Electrical. The machine told me that they were closed so I emailed them and phoned City-Link's head office. After being on hold for about 20 minutes I was told that the package had been "misplaced" in their London hub and that it was upto 247Electrical to deal with this.

I received an email a couple of hours ago from 247Electrical telling me that the TV has been stolen by one of City-Link's drivers and I won't be getting another one until next week!

What puzzles me is how any driver would believe he'd get away with lifting a 32" television? :pirate:

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Not good news. I've read loads of stories about missing parcels over Christmas, and it doesn't surprise me at all. They must have been dealing with so much stuff in the run up to Christmas, that it would have been the perfect opportunity for items to go astray, especially in a central hub. Hope the wait will be worth it though.

That's awful.

I am not a big fan of them anyway, with a few parcels being hard to be re-delivered, and trying to get hold of anyone was near enough impossible!

Hope you get something sorted out!

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Got an email from 247 today. They won't have stock of the TV until January 15th at the very earliest!

Thanks City-Link.

If you paid for delivery I'd be demanding a refund, if you didn't I'd be expecting some kind of compensation.
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