Thank you memebers of hotukdeals!!!!

Found 8th Dec 2009
Recently Ive had a few money problems and today I decided to start my christmas shopping, logged onto hotukdeals this morning and found so many great deals have now finished my shopping and saved more then half of what I would normally spent!! this site is so awesome!!


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lmaooo were greatt we know x

well you saved some money now:)...but i gurantee you will be doing a lot of impulse buying in the you'll be spending more now that you use this site then if you didnt!!!;-)

But this is why we're all addicted to this site:thumbsup:

This is exactly what I thought when I first joined a couple of yrs ago
I have converted lots of friends into using this site before they shop for anything.

I LOVE bargains!!!!

i've spent much much more than i wanted to. I bought what my family wanted without this site, finding the cheapest prices myself (i did search but nothing was on offer...) . i then go on here aswell and emptied my bank account, usually spending it all on me :thumbsup:


Likewise, saved money on things, and the fs/ft section has been usefull for trades etc,

Usally spreading the word of mouth to collegues friends etc.

Hukd is the shizzle nizzles

And getting more popular by the day thanx to Gadget Show last night hehe :-)


well done....I have spent triple what I wanted thanks for … well done....I have spent triple what I wanted thanks for nothing HUKD :lol:

lol me too :oops:



Pity about the 500 quid a year subs really

just joking

Run away while youre in front...

i cant find anything i wanna buy today!! what am i missing???

thank you thankyou :santa:
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