THank you to all the posters of hot deals

    I wanted to say a big thank you to all of those of you that post; be it deals, advice or comments. I have furninshed my home with kit that I would not normally have been able to have afforded, my mates and relatives now have had their lives made easier by some of the products that they have been given by me.

    I would like all the good people on this site to recognise that they are 'good people' and I am grateful for their posts.


    Thats ok, you can pay us all later....;-) :thumbsup:

    Diabeticguy, what is your avatar?

    I take BT or paypal, you pay fees :thumbsup:

    Original Poster


    Diabeticguy, what is your avatar?

    Whatever happened to Baby Jane.
    Bette DAvies and Joan Crawford




    I like the group hug juliet_bravo!! May be we coiuld have it added to the smilies?:thumbsup:

    A very nice thing to say. I hope and trust that HUKD remains the helpful and caring on-line community that I have come to know .
    May I add my thanks to yours and also mention how fair and helpful the mods, like JB^^^^, are.

    Awww..... thats a lovely post, only just found it as wasn't on here much over the weekend. Lets hope it carries on in the same vein and good humour. :thumbsup:
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