Thank you - with your help £30.50 was raised for Childline in memory of Baby P

    For those of you that did read the thread b4 it was pulled, the auction raised £30.50 for Childline in memory of Baby P
    Thanks to everyone that helped
    Well done all

    Sam xxx


    What thread?
    What Happened?


    What thread?What Happened?


    Sorry, but the whole thing was in poor taste and really quite inappropriate hence why the thread was pulled. To continue posting new threads on the same topic is breaking the rules i'd say.

    Original Poster

    why was it in poor taste? Do you know what it was?

    if it was raising money for childline how could it have been inappropriate ?

    Original Poster

    I don't know but I am not going to go into an argument but simply it was a picture my 8yr old son drew and we raised 100% for childline. Anyway, i mentioned it on here but because it was self-referral it got pulled and no doubt so will this. But a few people saw it before it got removed and it raised £30 so I just wanted to say thanks to those that were able to help. That was all, sorry to have upset anyone.
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