Thanks for the help people. I Got a job!

    Over the last couple of months ive put a few threads asking for help regarding CVs/ covering letters etc. Thanks to anyone who has helped me! I

    got a phone call this morning to tell me i start in a couple of weeks as a Marketing campaign coordinator.

    It looks to be a great entry level position covering alot of the marketing spectrum which is cool. And i can finally cancel my dole! Yay!



    Hey well done, no more trips to JC + hope all goes well,:thumbsup:

    Good lad :thumbsup:

    Congrats :thumbsup:

    now you can pay me back that tenner you owe me ;-)

    Original Poster

    Thanks guys, Yeah the trip to the JC was rather depressing. Now ive just gotta start to adjust my sleeping pattern by a few hours, lol.

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    now you can pay me back that tenner you owe me ;-)

    Well i dont remember lending it to you... but i cant think why you would lie so i guess i had better :lol:

    Won't see you on PSN as much then!

    no more time for ranting on here work work work!:thumbsup:

    Now you can pay me back that hundred quid you owe me ;-)

    Well done.... woo hoo.. I hope it all goes well for you..:thumbsup:


    Congratulations is there a job there for me?

    all your dosh are belong to us:w00t:

    really pleased for you - not so much time on here now -

    Congratuations mate, no wonder you improved on COD4 so quick!!!!!!!!


    Good news Glad I helped :thumbsup:


    Foosball Chum;2840195

    Good news Glad I helped :thumbsup:

    Get me one :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Thanks guys, yeah i think its going to be a shock when i am actually working all day as i've never had a proper full time job before, ive only had part time/ as many hours as i can get.

    I'm sure i will make time to pop on here in the day. And also onto PSN in the evenings.

    How old are you mate?

    Original Poster


    How old are you mate?

    21 Just finished my degree

    well done, and good luck for it in the future *and all that jazz* :lol:

    Very good news. Well done and hope that it all goes well. :thumbsup:
    Exciting and frightening at the same time ;-)

    Well done :thumbsup:
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