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    Maybe the delivery was about £12 but I thought most websites sold flowers which also included the delivery?


    this is stated on a page,I personally think the £18 for them included postage too by 1st class.

    i have just had a look and they are saying next available delivery date monday 18th. i am taking a guess that they are doing them at this price as they have shed loads of roses left over. it sounds really bad and i am being slatted in the office today for it, but we dont celerbrate valentines as i dont want to line peoples pockets for an overally commercialised day. they are lovely flowers and i bet he did pay full price for them, and now this company to be blunt are skanks and reduced them on the valentines day as they wont deliver them today, so they have made loads of money off people like your boyfriend.

    I contact them or ask your partner to ask his friend for the email confirmation.

    I'm afraid I agree with keli and it's likely that they have dropped the price on the day.

    Same thing happens on Mother's Day, and little children get ripped off.

    When our girls were smaller we used to celebrate Mother's Tomorrow instead.

    Mum got cards (home made, the kind that give you a lump in your throat and you keep in that box upstairs) and pampered on the day, but flowers the next day when they were back to pocket money prices.

    As far as the friend is concerned, is it worth the friendship to check up on whether he has ripped off your husband? Because if he hasn't and finds out you've doubted him he may feel very offended.

    The main thing is your bloke remembered and sent the flowers.
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