Thankyou to all

    Just wanted to say thankyou, thankyou, thankyou to all the people, mods and all on this site.

    This site has saved me so much money over the last few years with vouchers and codes, but mainly I have had nearly £1000 through quidco just by changing my point of entry to web sites I already used or finding the alternatives.



    I agree...I have saved tons (spent tons too)...but had a few hundred from quidco too

    congrats Spanky_San for saving so much and well for posting first time in 2 years.

    Glad to hear Spanky.

    Welcome to HUKD too!! :thumbsup:

    I was about to say welcome to HUKD,but it seems you have been browsing here for a few years.Glad to see you have registered and hope you might return all the favours/bargains you have gleamed from here and post some deals yourself. :thumbsup:


    wow, member for two years but 1st post! I feel you have now made a mistake in posting, you wont be able to stop now!

    Welcome here Spanky_San, good to see you posting.

    Nice to hear that & welcome to HUKD Spanky_San
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