That apple friday sale-all the deals in full.

Free balloon with every spend over 100 quid.

Free goldfish with every iphone

All accessories reduced by ten percent of their already vastly inflated prices

Im underwhelmed


It's got them loads of free advertising for negligible expenditure (I suspect). Like them or not, that's one of the reasons why they're so successful!

And, of course, their balloons will stay inflated for years or they'll replace them free and the goldfish will live for ever! That probably contributes to their success as well. ;-)

A free ballon you say Barky! I just dont see how I'm going to resist that!


goto mcdonalds for your free balloons

they are actually free!!!

anybody considering spending 4-500 quid on a new phone.........a balloon or a goldfish just may help them make their mind up. expect a lot of dead fish in the bins outside the store tho


goto mcdonalds for your free balloons

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