That Cheeky lil' Dancin' fella (finally) hits 1,000 adequete posts!!!!!!!

    Intenso100 is an unsung hero here on HUKD. He slips into a thread like a thief in the night, deposits a steaming pile of humour & then runs off giggling like hyena off it's boobs on glue!!!?!?


    Original Poster[FONT="Impact"][SIZE="6"]All hail the glue faced hyena...his feet are never still, his mouth is never shut & his ability to raise a smile is second only to mine, Fox2020's, JDeal's, JennyBubbles', GolfChip's, Muckypup's & in all honesty probably quite a few others, but hey, he makes me laugh!!!?[/SIZE][/FONT]
    Congrats on FINALLY making the K!!?!?[/SIZE][/FONT]

    When you blokes drop yer ALWAYS makes me laugh..........Intenso included!!:whistling:

    [COLOR="Blue"][SIZE="4"][FONT="Century Gothic"]Well Done that boy!!!![/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

    now thats how to congratulate someone!

    [CENTER][SIZE="5"][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Well done[/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER]


    congrats intensooooo:-D

    Original Poster


    now thats how to congratulate someone!

    My thread or Mucky laughing at you with your troo's roun your ankles??!?

    cheers guys took some time but anywho, better get to bed had a few and got work in morning

    Congrats on the 1k Intenso! :w00t::-D:thumbsup:

    Brilliant. Isn't Nov 2004,:-D before HUKD actually came into being?

    Congrats! xx!!!

    well at least taking as long as you did you can't be acused of random spamming unlike some of the clowns on here :whistling:

    Nah seriously mate you help alot of people so well done

    Welldone mate :thumbsup:

    thanks guys

    Sorry this is late but, its sincere none the less, many, many congrats and well done on reaching your 1K intenso100 :-D
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