That health insurance cheap gym membership thingy

    Ok i know theres been stuff said about it before which i didnt read and i know theres probably info out there to find, but im just looking for someone to give it to me straight in a nutshell wether the deal still exists and what gyms etc are part of it, cheers peeps.


    the pruhealth one?

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    i dunno who or what companies involved in it, just remember vaguely reading about it

    ahh right just read up on pruhealth, seems theyve changed the goalposts on the deal and it aint so good anymore, cheers MM

    can spam this someone

    well pru health used to subside gym membership (at participating gyms) as part of their vitality programme, the more you went the more they paid towards it the following month, there was decent quidco involved too.

    I dont think they are running it now though, its changed to reducing your monthly premiums, but its a lot of work proving what you've bought and are eating etc.

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    cheers mate yeah just had a look, rubbish deal now by the sounds of it

    spammed, at request
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