That's Entertainment store - Leeds

Found 25th Jul 2013
Does anyone know what has happened to the That's Entertainment store in Leeds St John's Centre?

I walked past today and there was no sign that the shop was ever there! I was wondering if it had moved or just closed down.
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its moved,where to I cant really tell you,but Im just back from the springsteen gig and while wandering round town yesterday,I definitely saw it.

Sorry not to be more help,but its definitely somewhere.
you can always use website free P&P until you find it.
Thanks barky. I may have a wander about to see if I can find it. Was wondering if maybe it had gone to Trinity or something.

ANDYwww987 - I've noticed that sometimes the website can be more expensive that the actual store on certain items. Plus, if you don't really know what you want, sometimes its just easier to wander around a shop.
Not on store list ...
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