That's Life! Weekly Magazine Competitions Issue Number 15 - Deadline: 27th April 2009

    Register at and enter over 10 competitions to win cash, car, holiday etc... Registration is easy and quick. Once you register click on "competitions" on the left hand side, choose the issue number relevant and enter anwsers. simple.
    If you would like more information on the prizes, please look at the That's Life website.

    Below are the anwsers to the competitions. Closing date 27 April 2009.

    Competition Names & Anwsers:

    Su-dosh-u = 3,1,5
    Big Cash Crossword = SAMANTHA IN BEWITCHED
    Win a holiday = ARREST
    Code Break = POWER
    Pair Play = SEVEN
    Patchword = SEDAN
    Choose Twos = SANDCASTLE
    Supersearch = ERROL FLYNN
    Cash Point = EASTERN
    Fit Five = SNAIL
    Spot The Difference = C1

    Good Luck!
    Some candy?



    And again many thanks

    mega thanks h added :thumbsup:

    Entered thanks! (again)
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