Hi there has been one or two programmes on the tv which have mentioned a face cream for around £2 from a supermarket which is supposed to be really good
    Has anyone any idea what it is!!


    I think it's from aldi. Anti-aging or anti-wrinkle or somehting like that. it's been completely raved about. Supposed to be very good.

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    Thanks - I will certainly try it as I need all the help I can get!!!

    It comes out better in the reviews than olay, which my mum uses and is wonderful for her. For the price and from the reviews it sounds like a right bargain! Go for it.

    nivea is the best face cream - i swear by it

    Yeh Aldi.

    People were paying more for it on eBay.

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    I'm not quite that bad, sn0ttyang31, but not far off!!!!! lol

    I think its the Waitrose Baby Butter for bottoms

    I cant remember where it was mentioned but its sold out all over the county. does wonders for cheeks everywhere!

    Yea, it's Aldi, and it's excellent stuff! I'd previously been paying about £15 for some, and the Aldi one feels even nicer!

    It's an absolute bargain!

    Im on my way to stock up now. Do u recon it will work straight away if I apply it by th hour lol

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    Hi have now been and bought some so thankyou everyone for your help.
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