Found 4th Feb 2008
Hi all,

My 2 year maxim sub has now ended, it was the one where it cost £9.99, but you got £6 back from Quidco.

I seen it again, posted on here a few months ago, but cant find the thread.

Can anyone help me out ?


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Yes mine too, I took up the FHM offer posted on here last week but would also renew my Maxim sub if a similar offer is about but it doesn't look like there is one, the thread posted by birdyboy was the only one I could find besides one from about 5 months ago which said to use the code N0507XEX1 but that didn't seem to do anything.

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Aw - it's ended lol

What was the FHM offer ?

I'm also looking for a dirt cheep lads mag subscription.. I'll keep one eye on this post...


Aw - it's ended lolWhat was the FHM offer ?

It's not such a good deal if your really just after the sub, but it worked out @ about £30 for a 1 year FHM sub + 2 free xbox 360 games...…-a/

any updates on Maxim offer, my two year sub at £9.99 has expired

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No, it's ended

If you do find something, post it up here !

i canmcelled my maxim cos i though it was rubbish. i never read em just took em to the hospital and left them on the table in a random waiting room
just done the bizarre and fortean times subscriptions which are very interesting reads
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