The AMD Ryzen is now available on Scan. Opinions?

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Found 22nd Feb…zen

Above is the link, 3 different models are available. What are your opinions on the prices compared to the latest Kabylakes? Do you think it will sell?

The i7 7700k has better power as in ghz standard and boost and I've seen it overclocked to over 6.5ghz but the 1800x has double the cache. Not looked at the benchmarks yet but it's a whopping £140 more than the 7700k.


Intel FTW

It's not going to sell as well as the intel and knowing intel they have something else up their sleeve.

Of course it will sell, but the question is, are they good enough for gamers, we can't decide yet.

Pre-ordering is a mistake tho, imo.

What kind of mad man pre orders a cpu

I'll have to wait for some independent comparison reviews before I judge

i currently have an i5-4460 and been looking to upgrade. Will wait for some real benchmarks but so far they look good, check out Linus latest video on youtube.

We can be fairly sure AMD will release some 4 and 6 core budget friendly cpu's in summer.

Either way this is only good for us consumers as hopefully Intel will lower prices to compete.

Pricing looks about right. I'll be buying into Ryzen - just not sure what CPU yet though.

As others have mentioned pre ordering is very risky and mad at the same. Given the benchmarks so far it does seem quite overwhelming for the price compared to what intel are offering, but as most want to see is how this carrys over to gaming and other processes like rendering etc.

Either way me and alot of others, CPU's are perfectly fine and wont need upgrading for a few years to come. This will however benefit allot of new builders and people with old cpus out quite a bit.

Scan suck.
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