The Apples gone bad! in otherwords my macs crashed...rubbish

Yesterday my iphone was not recognised by my imac so i put it in recovery mode which wipes it, it then told me it couldnt been recovered! so i restarted my mac and it wont start now. Ive managed to get my phone back up with all my songs/contacts missing using a pc.

Ive managed to get on to my bootcamp windows 7 (eventually even this wouldnt start) and have backed up my user folder with contains the itunes folder so that should be my songs saved, is there any other folders i should back up before i wipe it? would like my contacts and my last iphone backup

oh and ive tried disk recovery app, says it cant be repaired


I know it isn't an answer to your problem, but you should consider using Google for your contacts and calendar, then sync this down to your iphone.

I've lost everything on my iphone once because I tried doing a firmware upgrade using a patched version of iTunes (to run on 64bit). The firmware ugrade failed and I lost all my contacts etc..

Now using google for my contacts/ calendar and I can restore it to my phone in any situation.

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yeah read about that last night, theres also some free download on the app store that does it, but never thought of it till now!

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arrghh turns out the pc i was backing it up to overnight crashed in the middle of it! Im having no luck!!

The irony of using a PC to fix a Mac.

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But macs always work and never go wrong!!!!111

Yeah thats what i heard too, only had it like a month:roll:…dia

'Macs are glorified Fisher-Price activity centres for adults'
Charlie Brooker

I try to like Apple and have (and love) an Ipod but they do have a tendency to tie themselves up in knots trying to lock out anything they don't approve of. Had a nightmare setting up my brothers Iphone last christmas when I found out it was locked to my Laptop ( he lives 300 miles away), felt like Ipod v1 all over again.

Sounds like jockey trouble to me....

Whats that other famous saying something about 'Workman blaming tools?'

Mac or PC they are still computers and since the dawn of the IT age computers have and always will crash doesn't matter if you spend £100 or £3000.

If you could be a bit more specific about what you were trying to do and what actually happend maybe someone could be a little more helpful.

By the way you may find more problems now when tryijng to sync the iPhone back to the Mac as generally cross platforming a PC/Mac iPod/iPhone can cause crashing in itself.

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well i wasnt doing anything installed 2 updates last night so it could have been that, ive only really been using it for itunes and ive only been syncing it with the mac, last night i was connecting the phone to the mac and it was only charging so all i done was try to recover it, it said it couldnt so i rebooted the mac and it just hung at the white screen,

ive moved my user folder over to my bootcamp partition, is there any others i should back up?

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was looking for the iphone backup files, have had a search it found they shoud be in

/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup

I dont have a mobilesync folder! any ideas anyone? before I wipe it

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think ive managed to get most things back to normal lets hope it stays like this! thanks for the suggestions
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