The Argos Card. Normal plan

Posted 16th Feb 2010

Ive applied for an argos card as i want to buy a flat screen tv but dont have the money all in one. I wanted to use there normal plan where you dont have to pay any interest if you pay it all back within 6 months.

Does anyone have an argos card? have you ever had any problems?

It sounds straight forward and seems i will have no problems as long as i pay it back in time. I just want to check incase ive missed something

thanks guys
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what i do is if it is say spend 295 and pay nothing for 9 month i work it out weekly and setting up a standing order and come the ninth month its paid no interest
yep I have one, had it for about 2 years now and they are so handy to have and very easy to keep control over. They send you a statement out every month so you know when the payments are due by. You can buy something using your card and you can either pay amounts off or wait and pay the full amount just before the date due.
iv had one and had no probs,really helpfull when u phone them too and easy to cancel x
thanks guys. Your posts have really helped me. One question i have is how do i pay it off? do i ring them whenever i want to transfer an amount of money? (rep given to all of you )
you will get a statement in dont worry
I have one also and is great for these sort of things.
Paying is a doddle as I use internet banking and so pay directly using payment transfer. I decide how much and when to pay.
Just thought also is if you create a google calendar, pop in the end date of the free APR in there and it will email and text you when it is near the end!
Just make sure you pay it off when your meant to, then your be OK, otherwise the APR is crazy!
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