The Bank Job - What happened at the end?

    We went to the free screening tonight at Huddersfield Odeon, and the film seemed to stop all of a sudden just before the end - I think that all the pictures were done, but text letting us know what happened next started to appear on screen - then the screen went black and they started blasting out some Amy Winehouse at us lol


    When the text came up saying things like... "100 people did not declare the contents of their boxes..." .... that was the end

    There wasn't anything else other than credits after that text.

    It just exlained that:

    £4 million was stolen - more than the great train robbery.
    100 people didn't declare the contents of their boxes.
    Michael X was hanged in Trinidad for murder. His criminal file is classified until 2054.
    Vogel was jailed for 8 years for the murder of David.
    There was a big cut in police officers as dodgy ones were sacked after the event.
    The story is true, but "some of the names have been changed to protect the guilty".

    Protect the guilty. Lol. Love it. Doesn't sound like you missed much, if anything.

    Also, the Wikipedia article for ]Michael X is interesting. It reveals some of the bursts of truth from the film.

    For example:
    - he was hanged in trinidad.
    - the "slave collar" in the Black House did actually happen. He was put on trial for this, but was bailed by John Lennon who was seen at the table with him.
    - his house in trinidad did burn down.
    - a british agent named Gale, the daughter of an MP, was found buried in the garden of that home although she was allegedly sent to investivate the fire.
    - the murder that he was hanged for was actually another person's, not Gale's.

    I thought the standard of acting was great seeing as there weren't really any big name actors in there.

    Original Poster

    Thanks! The one that said "There was a big cut in police officers as dodgy ones were sacked after the event." came on screen for a few seconds, then blackness so missed the rest of em!

    Appreciate it.

    Wasn't too keen on the film myself, too violent for my innocent eyes...but I am a wuss, other half thought it was great

    me and the g/f went last night thanks to seefilmfirst and we both enjoyed it, not enough action in it for my liking tho, could of done with some more fight scenes.

    i also like the transporter films think there great, think strathom is a good actor, one of my fav's
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