The Barkys rub shoulders with the rich and famous-NOT!

    Went last night to see glasgow comedian des mclean at the clyde auditorium-was a last minute decision and managed to get promoter "holdback" tickets usually reserved for the artists guests. It was being filmed for tv as it turns out and sitting right beside us were:

    Tommy Sheridan
    Michelle Mcmanus
    Cat Harvey
    Shellsuit bob from river city
    Billy Sloan
    and some woman who wanted everyone to know she was married to coolio

    I was so excited I nearly fell into a coma! Z list doesnt even begin to describe it.


    good job you wernt behind michelle mcmanus


    Blimey, talk about nobody's, not heard of them myself

    they wouldn't even be let in to a big brother episode

    are you sure it wasnt filmed inside Michelle Mcmanus? :?

    ive heard of coolio but----hang on ---- forget it i cant be botherd
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