'The Bay' Sellers payments on hold?

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Found 10th Jun 2009
This happened last time - however since i've recieved lots of positive feedback so don't know why this has happened again.

Had an item up for 'buy it now' at £20 which a man has recently purchased. A fee of 88p was deducted which is fine - however it is shown as pending, only to be released once positive feedback is left or no dispute is made within 21 days.

Whilst i am completely genuine and the item is in tip top condition as described, i'm slightly worried as to whether he may not leave the feedback and i won't get the payment.

I've tried the old 'refund 1 p and get it now' trick - but didn't work! Any advice :(?

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This happens to me whenever I sell electricial items its just policy I believe


jeeze how may of these threads are needed before people get it, this is a normal transaction, and if there is a dispute even when your paymanet hasnt been on hold you would still loose the money, of course unless you empty your paypal account after every transaction

This is normal ebay practice now, just wait 'til good feedback has been left.
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