The bear & the Rabbit

    This bear was sitting on a log in the woods, taking a dump.
    Along came a rabbit. The rabbit asked, "Do you mind if I join you?"
    The bear replied "Suit yourself."
    So there they both sat, taking a dump.
    After they were finished, the bear asked the rabbit,
    "Do you ever have a problem with poo sticking to your fur?"
    The rabbit said, "No".
    The bear says, "Good!"
    Then he grabs the rabbit and with a long sweeping motion wipes his ass..........


    Original Poster

    Once upon a time there was a snake and a rabbit that bumped into each other
    in the woods. Both were blind. The snake started feeling the rabbit's fur
    and said, "You are nice and soft, so you must be a rabbit." Then the rabbit
    started feeling the snake and said, "And you are cold and slithery. You
    must be a lawyer."

    very good :thumbsup::lol:

    Two very cool jokes :giggle::giggle:


    Thanks again for making me laugh!
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