The Best Cashback Website?

    what do we reckon?




    any others?
    my own take is that after being an advocate of rpoints I find quidco to give much better payouts,,, mainly due to there cooperative status.

    rpoints does have a good setup and community but sometimes is a little bit too sensible to debate and competition.

    just my 2p's worth... what do u all think?


    i think rpoints is great mainly due to the 75p i get through moneysupermarket EVERYDAY

    care to elaborate on that?

    Here's my rundown.

    greasypalm - Ok site. The best part of it is they have price comparison with cashback worked in and they have a reminder toolbar if you're into those sorts of things. Downside is that the rates are so so and they have a limited amount of merchants.

    rpoints - A bit of a messy site compared to most cashback sites. Not always easy to find merchants, however they have a lot of merchants. Rates are slightly better than GP on average.

    quidco - Handsdown winner I think. best rates by far as they give it all back instead of keeping half. so for example on a mobile phone it is £30 instead of £15. Downside is no finance sector.

    Now for my rambling analysis. I think Quidco is the best not only because they give out all the cashback to all their members but also because it is easy to use and the rates keep going up as more people use them. rPoints used to be better but the problem is that the whole site is like one big spamfest as everyone is basically using affiliate links (their sub ids) and many people post only to get that little amount of bonus cashback. I don't think a community should help each other only in order to gain something themselves...self interest doesn't breed good deals..before Quidco rPointers could pretend that they were helping each other out but now it is obvious that most of them are only in it for themselves to get bonus points on the forum and to get new people to sign up and thus gain £5. Don't you find it funny how on HUKD and MSE that loads of people recommend Quidco even though they don't get £5 for doing so? yet how many people recommend rPoints just to get their £5 referral fee?

    as for moneysupermarket bellarious, you can contact Quidco and they will put it up for you and you will get £1.50 everyday instead of giving away 75p to rpoints everyday...

    Original Poster Banned

    Brilliant Freebie,,, thanks very much.. have a karma!

    I'm with Quidco, and can't really be bothered with an of the others. But can somebody explain the £1.50/75p thing to me? I fear I may not be ruthless enough to find these things myself (could be my age). Much obliged.

    According to Martin Lewis at MSE in his updated cashback site report:

    Toe-Dippers Winner (those who’ll spend less than £500/year). Rpoints* is … Toe-Dippers Winner (those who’ll spend less than £500/year). Rpoints* is a clear winner. It has a range of other advantages over Quidco too; it pays via bank transfer or Paypal (Quidco uses just Paypal although it is considering allowing bank payments), it has a lower payout threshold, and it gives you a bonus if you refer a friend. It also has a ‘highest cashback guarantee’ though to make this work you need to first go through Rpoints, then if you find it cheaper later it’ll give you the difference in points – so this is a little clumsy to use repeatedly. Cashback Kings (regular users who’ll spend over £500/year). Here Quidco’s much higher rates per shop make it the winner.

    New members to Rpoints have a £5 welcome bonus plus they don't have £5 a year deducted from their earnings, so they're £10 better off to start with. And with Rpoints' Highest Cashback Promise, they'll match Quidco anyway.

    And Rpoints have the advantage of forums.

    Unfortunately Martin did not accurately reflect real world calculations or potential benefit for people.

    Technically if the average cashback percentage on a store is 4% then £500 spent online in one year is the tipping point where Quidco becomes more profitable for a user. However it is exponential beyond that point as the £5 Quidco fee is paid, there isn't another £5 bonus from rpoints and you get double cashback at Quidco.

    Second, in the real world many stores have higher than 4% and there are flat rate commissions on many products. So for example if you get a contract phone from e2save you get £26.50 back from Quidco. Using the formula you quote the result is £26.50 - £5 for Quidco equals £21.50. rPoints is £13.25 + £5 equals £18.25. So you are already £3.25 better off going through quidco on just your first transaction!

    Now here's where the "exponential" part comes in. Let's look at your second e2save transaction. This time it's £26.50 with no deductions from Quidco (because you've paid the yearly fee) and £13.25 from rPoints (because you only get the bonus once). So on two transactions you are now £16.50 ahead by using Quidco...or to put it another way you have gotten £48 back from Quidco and £31.50 from rPoints.

    The maths are clear to anyone with a brain or a calculator. Plus as more people use Quidco the higher the cashback amounts go.

    As for forums I'm not sure what the advantage is to using rpoints forums where they ban people for mentioning other sites or ways to save more. There's no reason you can't use the mse forums or the hukd forums or newsgroups or whatever else....

    Or put simply, if you want to pay QuidCo £5 per year for purchasing as much as you like, with 100% cashback into YOUR account for the rest of the year. Or pay the other chashback sites 50% of the amount [in almost all cases] of the cashback YOU earn [example: £20 cashback = £10 for you, £10 for them], the £5 reward for joining them is cancelled out pretty fast. Your £5 to QuidCo is never into the equation for the rest of a year, once it's paid. So you get 100% of all the cashback other sites give you a percentage of [around 50% - 65% for your own earnings, the rest to them].

    Forum or not, 100% -£5 a year is better than £5 -35% to -50% of your money a year.


    I'm with Quidco, and can't really be bothered with an of the others. But … I'm with Quidco, and can't really be bothered with an of the others. But can somebody explain the £1.50/75p thing to me? I fear I may not be ruthless enough to find these things myself (could be my age). Much obliged.

    £1.50 / 75p means that there are different terms, some types of purchases may get you more than others. Click on the retailer's link for more information.

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