the best deal for Konica Minolta 5d ?

    Ok, situation is this:
    I ordered Konica Minolta 5D with 18-70mm lens from Amazon for £390.01 delivered nearly 4 weeks ago, they since changed the price and now are selling it for £442....Amazon delays delivery now till 3 May - although they still mention delivery time on their website as 1-2 weeks. I am patient but there is a good chance that they will change it again and maybe I get it by Christmas. It seems to me that they do not want to honour the price. I do not want to cancel the order until better or similar deal appears.

    Can any of you guys find better or similar deal on this camera? In any combination of vouchers Quidco etc.

    Cheers for trying.

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    Looks like the 5D is about to become extinct!
    Jessops no longer list them. You can find them in store still if you ring around e.g. I did actually find a Minolta 7D a few weeks ago, but the price was too high to an out of date camera.
    I've been looking out for a bargain 5D or 7D all this year - need somewhere to stick my Minolta lenses on to!
    They are selling on ebay for more than they cost in the shops!
    I have more or less decided to give up on the 5D/7D and wait see what Sony bring out in the summer in DSLR that has the Minolta lens mount fitting.
    However, if you do find a bargain then please do post.
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