The best energy efficient Kettle wanted

    Hi All

    I need a new kettle and I'm looking to save energy, I already only boil what I need by measuring a cup of water and putting it in my kettle,

    so what is the best kettle for energy efficiency and also in terms of initial purchase price

    and any deals that are around at the moment

    Many Thanks


    why not buy a cheap one from say asda for a few quid and just continue the way you're going???

    doubt one kettle is much more energy efficient than any other really. they are a high drain appliance.

    ...when Which? did a review of electric kettles they found quite a range of performance. I can't remember which one was best for your requirements but the local library should have the back issues. If I come across it, I'll let you know.

    Original Poster

    thanks for your comments, having read a lot of things, you are quite right, all the energy saving ones, say a savings of X, but only down to being able to see how much you are boiling.

    So a cheap one providing it has a reasonable KW for quick boiling is prob best.

    Was going down the breville single cup, but no good for my yogurt maker!
    Bought a Bosch one, that has been reduced

    Just to confirm, there is no real difference in energy efficiency performance between any kettle, aslong as you only boil the water you want to use (and you say you already do).
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