the best home jucer money can buy

    anyone got any recommendations .

    What would be the best quality juicer out there at the moment ?



    A lot depends on what you want; there are centrifugal juicers or masticating juicers. I use a centrifugal as the masticating ones cost 200 - 300 quid, although they claim that the latter produce more juice, that the juices have more enzymes and last longer.

    Here is my review of the centrifugal juicer I use

    I started with a smaller cheaper juicer and deciding that I enjoyed the juice decided to go for a machine that would save me the time of preparing the fruit and veg, so I went for the Philips HR1861 Pro Aluminium Juicer. It also helps that Costco stock this juicer and given their no quibble money back guarantee it seemed worth a risk.

    For a start it looks the part, the machine and all the parts seem well made and sturdy, there are no places for pulp to hide. It is easy to assemble and even my young son put this together when he discovered the dried parts on the draining board.

    It's easy to clean, very easy and as most people have said mainly involves just holding most of the parts under a running tap. The metal basket/cutter is also easy to clean especially since Phillips include a purpose built brush in the box.

    If I have one complaint it's the pulp, compared to my smaller machine it is still quite wet. However the pulp is also a lot finer so this might be the reason. I just put the pulp through again and that seems to do the trick, it hardly takes a moment to do. Yes the juice can continue to drip after the machine stops but if you leave the jug in place and start to take it apart you can have most of this cleaned before you need to remove the last piece that holds the remnants of the juice.

    Overall I am very happy, preparation was always going to be an issue and nobody wants to start wielding a sharp knife on tough vegetables first thing in the morning. Great price, great quality and great juice. Buy one!

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    thats great mate . thanks for your help.

    amazon have this for £79.00.

    Sorry, I have to add this as it made me laugh:


    thats great mate . thanks for your have this for £79.00.

    If you are serious about juicing then go for one of the larger ones but you can get one of these much cheaper than 79 quid, I'm sure I saw a deal on here not so long ago.

    If you are new to juicing then buy a cheap one for less than a tenner on ebay and upgrade when you know you will stick with it.

    I'd also consider a blender, juice is fine but poured into a blender with a couple of bananas and some berries/grapes it really makes a difference and is very healthy.

    I'm a serious juicer myself so if you need any advice just ask.

    Type 'juicer; into the search on here and you will see some deals that might be still on. For instance…cer…cer…cer

    PLEASE avoid any juicer that has a plastic basket holding the mesh. All good centrifugal ones have an all metal basket and mesh. The plastic ones just break after a short time.

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    this one looks pretty good as well

    L'Equip Mini Pulp Ejector Juicer…681

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    I will be getting ablender as well to make smoothies.

    this one looks ok.…OLE


    this one looks pretty good as wellL'Equip Mini Pulp Ejector Juicer … this one looks pretty good as wellL'Equip Mini Pulp Ejector Juicer

    I have heard nothing but good reports on this juicer. I would have bought this one myself but for a misprice in Costco that got my current juicer for 17 pounds instead of 71

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    now thats a good deal.

    just having alook at and

    some serious juicers on there.

    How serious are you about juicing? You will get an excellent deal on ebay as most people end up juicing for a week and then putting them in a cupboard.

    The best tip I can give you IF you do decide to take up juicing is to clean the damned thing before you drink your juice. leave it even an hour after and you will spend ages trying to clean it. if you wash it right away then a hot running tap cleans most of it.

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    dave I got the L equip at first and now have gone for a wheatgrass juicer as well.…tml

    Tastes disgusting but it has alot of vitamins.
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