The best MP3 player today

    No, this is not a fact but a question

    I am after something small, reasonably priced and compact.

    Preferrably not an ipod as they are over priced I reckon.



    Creative MP3 players tend to be reliable, user friendly and cheaper then I-pods, why not look into one of them?

    What kind of memory are you looking for, there should be some good deals.

    Original Poster

    Thanks. Never really heard of many creative players ...

    1-2GB would be good for me.

    Having trouble finding decent price at mo (though granted my brain isn't fully functional after a 6:15am start). Since I can't find a good price on creative at mo but did spot this lil thing on my search...

    ]Matsui MAT120MR Pers Audio MP3 Player

    £29.99 at currys, I remember seeing one instore the other week also at currys didgital, price doesn't seem bad

    Or the 1gb version for £13 + P&P at ]pixmania

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    Thanks but not that cheap lol
    Just so you know, ive had a nano before so want something of the same quality.

    thanks though.

    R ok, lol I here cheap and bein the cheapskate I am I go for low prices lol. If you have more to spend you should be able to pick up a decent size memory.

    My last Creative (which I still use daily) was a 20gb touch, had it well over 2 years now and even then it only cost £150 which for then was a good price for 20gb, something similar should be loads cheaper these days, and man are they built well, loads of my friends have them and they really are bashed about. Battery life was also like 24hrs in beginning, don't think its near there at mo, but its still a long time 15 hrs at least I'd say. It is however a brick, but they have gotten smaller of course recently.

    Should this not go in Deals Request? :? :thinking:

    Cyrus, try ]this creative from currys :thumbsup:

    I would go for either one of the creative zen V models(as previously mentioned) or possibly this Samsung model ]click 2gb...£79.95 at John Lewis.
    It got very good reviews and is 5* rated by What Hi Fi magazine,good battery life also:thumbsup:

    5% quidco and there could be some voucher codes knocking around to bring it down further.

    my cd apparently supports mp3, how does one get the song from the mp3 into the cd player?:? lol

    Although not cheap, im really digging the new Sony NW A800. Not sure how much they are but the sound quality will be great AND you will get excellent earphones with thme as well.


    my cd apparently supports mp3, how does one get the song from the mp3 … my cd apparently supports mp3, how does one get the song from the mp3 into the cd player?:? lol

    you have to burn a MP3 CD using your burning software and CD burner on yor PC or lappy.

    Isn't that the player i posted above curry?

    If your still looking I just tripped over ]this...

    low stock in some stores, but hopefully they might be stores near you.
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