The best phone for...?

Internet browsing.

I'm on o2, due an upgrade, and basically, no phone is out of the question. I like the look of the n97, but don't want to wait for it. So what else is good. Ideally, the spec I want would be:

At least 3.2mp Cam
QWERTY keyboard
Onboard Storage is a meh, as long as has a card slot.
*Excellent web browsing*

I was looking at the iphone, but hate using itunes, and also at the Sony Ericsson X1 but can't find much about what it's like on the web. The Samsung i8510 has good specs but I'm not sure it's available yet.

Help, please!


I'm on O2 and have the 3G 16GB iPhone.............. In my opinion, there is no better phone out there !!!!!

I have an N95 which is excellent, but the N96 is even better and beats the iphone in every review I've ever read! Not cheap though.....

Dont go for the iphone ita cr*p wait for the n97 its the best phone out by miles
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