The best PSP deal!!!

    I have found a black PSP package on for 130.00 but it is only the base pack. Wanted as much as poss for as little as poss (ideally black or a colour for the boys).



    Could always go with a base pack for 130 with 2% quidco... then buy a sandisk pro duo card from jessops using their 110% differance pricematch with amazon.. total under 150 for in essence a giga pack?

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    Thanx! do you have the code for 20% off?

    20%? I'm confused... you mean the 2% quidco? just signup @ then search for play and click the link to visit them make your purchase et voila; just wait for payment of your 2%.
    the only 20% ish codes are likely to be littlewoods and lx direct style new customer deals that are apt to be cancelled.

    Do you have a virgin credit card? You can get 10% off at virgin megastores and they have deals with 1-4 games which are excellent with this discount. Also applies to those with a virgin student card....
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