The Best TV for £650? 32 Inch

    I am looking to by a 32" HDTV. I am looking to spend a maxium of £650, however i would much rather spend about £500-£570.

    Now what is the best TV I could get for these prices? Please note that this is mainly to be used on a PS3.

    I would rather buy it from a shop, but if i can get a much better deal on the internet that would be OK.

    Thanks guys, rep will be added to anyone that helps.


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    Have you even read by thread? I want a 32". Not a 37 or 42!

    Could someone please tell me what the best 32" HDTV is with a max spend of £650.

    Cheers, i really need the help.

    Can't advise you much as i have only been looking at Plasmas.

    This is a useful site for prices, link filtered to 32" screens:…tml

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    Cheers, that is helpful.

    Anyone else have any advice?

    Hi just wondering if you want the Tv to be brand new. Or put out on stand and put in storage for a week new. I have a Samsung LNS3251D 32" LCD Television which is mint as you would buy from store. a bit more info incase your interested.

    32" Screen - 16:9 Aspect Ratio - HDTV - Stereo
    The LN-S3251D is a flat-panel LCD that combines high style and high definition in equal measure. Perfect in the bedroom a living room or office. PC Compatible A Samsung LCD TV can function as a high-resolution PC monitor and a high-end TV without any sacrifice

    i would like the amount you want to pay (less maybe) im looking to get bigger tv as moved to bigger house.

    If your not interested in my tv I recommend it to anyone maybe look into buying one brand new. but this option may save me time and you money

    Regards Sarah

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    How much? Inc Delivary.
    Need to know a price now as i might go looking for one tommorow or Thurs.

    Edit - Sorry Sarah i have decieded that i want a first hand TV. Thanks anyway.

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    Could anyone help me please?


    Are you sure you only want a 32".

    thats pretty small and only suitable if you are gonna be 5-6 foot away max.

    Panasonic TX32LXD70 or the TX32LXD700. Are amongst the best 32" LCD tvs you can buy. Try John Lewis, Comet, Currys etc and see if they'll match their online prices......

    if you can get that model price matched, gis us a holla.

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    Panasonic TX32LXD70 or the TX32LXD700. Are amongst the best 32" LCD tvs … Panasonic TX32LXD70 or the TX32LXD700. Are amongst the best 32" LCD tvs you can buy. Try John Lewis, Comet, Currys etc and see if they'll match their online prices......

    I have heard that these TV are pritty poor for watchinh sport and you get a fair bit of bluring.

    Also what is the main difference between the 2 expect for the price.

    If these are for for watching sport and you're critical of motion blur then forget about LCD tvs and get a plasma but then they start about 40" in size. There are lots of reviews, in mags and Which etc and these Panasonic tvs are rated very highly. LCD tvs do still have their faults and motion blur is one of them. These 2 models have "100mhz motion picture pro" to try and compensate for this but its still not perfect.…htm
    Main difference between the LXD70 and LXD700 is the 700 has better sound and has USB port.

    There is a review here…htm which says "it has outstanding picture quality and motion handling capabilities". However I have the LXD70 and I wouldn't say it was that brilliant for motion handling. It can cope with DVDs/Xbox 360 great but it struggleswith analogue/freeview football. Maybe this is due to a poor signal - I can't say.

    Be careful with the model numbers - the LXD70 and LXD700 have the motion reduction then LMD70 and LXD7 don't.

    The LXD70 can be bought from Dixons for £588 delivered (use code JAN20 for £20 off the £608 price). Don't forget Quidco.

    Another cheaper alternative is the Toshiba 32c3030db/32c3035db which I think Currys have for £400. This doesn't have the motion blur reduction but does get some good reviews.

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    Cheers mate. Very helpful.

    Also available online from Empire Direct for £599 (if you want to see one in the flesh) but if you live near a store, they should match the online price (at least thats what they've told me in the past).

    If you have settled for a LXD70 try keeping an eye on the John Lewis price match thread…433

    I got mine about 3 months ago instore from JL for £599 with a 5 year warranty....

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    Well if i was going to go for that i would go for the LXD700 model.

    Also does anyone know anything about the PHILIPS 32PFL7782 or the SAMSUNG LE32M86BD as they are the other TV's i am looking at.
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