The best way to find cheap last minute flights to Northern/Eastern Europe...?

    I've got some time available, and fancy going off cycle touring either into Eastern Europe or up through into Finland/Norway. I'm flexible on where I fly from & where I fly to....but the websites I have used so far are really clunky, and difficult to navigate!
    Just wondering if there is a simple website that allows you to put in multiple start destinations, and then gives you the flight prices to everywhere?
    I have a folding bike and very little luggage - so not worried about excess baggage charges.
    Many thanks


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    I'm ideally looking to fly into Talinn, Riga, Vilnius, Helsinki, Oslo, Stockholm - or any other airports in those countries. I had also contemplated flying to Moscow - but the visa looks expensive!

    go to moneysavingexpert flight checker, it allows you to so just that, is also very good

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    go to moneysavingexpert flight checker, it allows you to so just that,

    Looks good....unfortunately, the flight information is out of date. The prices look very good - but the flights just aren't available (or are quite a bit more expensive!)
    Thanks for the suggestion though. Hopefully SkyScanner, Kayak etc will start implementing such features

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    f1ump is also very good

    I have only just noticed the 'everywhere' option on Skyscanner. As long as the prices are accurate, this could well be exactly what I am after.
    Thank you for the suggestion
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