The best way to shake a cold.....

    Anyone got any wonder cures?

    I come down witha cold (about 4 days into it), it's turning into a bit of a cough now...

    This is a problem because i'm doing the london marathon on Sunday.

    firslty i'm not going to consider not doing it because i've been training for 4 months (IT'S NOT AN OPTION)

    Any suggestions would be appreciated!

    todays plan is to drink a pint of water an hour and try and flush it that way. I'm also taking decongestant (spelling is awful sorry) tables.


    lots of garlic in diet and plenty of vitamin c(orange juice etc.)

    Loads of zinc and echinacea, avoid sugars and dairy products
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    As above really..........Good luck for Sunday (_;)

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    Loads of zinc and echinacea, avoid sugars and dairy products

    DOH!!! I've just have a massive bowl of cerial with nearly a pint of milk on!!

    I'll alert St John Ambulance for your imminent admission into their tent.

    what works for me is a hard boiled egg before bed (with plenty of salt and pepper).

    I think once you start running, the cough will be the last thing on your mind.

    Fizzy vitamin C with added zinc tablets

    Cough: honey, lemon juice and pinch of salt with warm water drink. Lots of salt gargles sort out throat.

    Cold: no word of a lie, wrap up warm put the heating on in the house and go for a jog. The cold will sweat out and when you ge home you will continue to sweat. Run a bath and have a soak then shower. You will feel great...FACT!


    Man up.
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    a few drops of eucalyptus oil in boiling water, towel over head above the steam, hmmmm.
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