the best way to watch ufc 202


    I want to watch the UFC tonight and I am happy to pay, however, as I only have a contract with sky I either have to take out a 12 month contract with BT sport or get a one month contract and pay £30 on top as an activation fee.

    Can anyone recommend a good way of watching it? I have kodi but the stream quality always drops for big events as my internet ain't the best. Is a VPN a possibility? Purchase the UK PPV then watch that way?

    Any help is massively appreciated by me and my brother.



    If you are with EE, you may get 6 months free BT sport.

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    If you are with EE, you may get 6 months free BT sport.

    Thanks for the reply - unfortunately none of my family are

    if not willing to activate and pay sky them it may be easier/cheaper to go round a friends or a pub to watch it?

    VIP sports stream is usually good

    I'll download it in hd in the morning so I can skip all the ads

    If I don't stay up and watch it I do what westy125 said, make sure you don't read anything online and go straight to the torrent site and type in ufc 202.

    Go on Facebook and sign up to smash IPTV

    One hell of a fight!
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