The Big 4 - 0 Tomorrow... Ouch !

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Found 16th Nov 2010
Should i be happy at the dawn of a new era - ive had a great time on this planet so far, raised 2 beautiful kids by a lovely wife, and had more laughs (and tears) to last a lifetime.....

or should i be gutted that im gonna be an old fart !!



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gunna be? you already are lol

Your only as old as you act i say lol. or is it the person you feel??

Happy birthday for tomorrow!!

I'm still celbrating my big 40 over a year is brill X)

40s not old.

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Trouble is dangergod... i still feel the same as i did the day i first rode a bike ! :-D

happy birthday..<3

have a happy birthday

Happy birthday ..... life just starts at 40 !!

my birthday tomorrow aswell

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Happy Birthday Dr

thanks only 13 mins to go

Happy 40th..!!!


Happy birthday chaps.

what merry age are you DR?

Happy Birthday to you both!

Nothing wrong (and pretty unavoidable!) in being an old fart/ess. Be happy never-the -less.:D

BTW - I thought that this was going to be football thread.
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Bizzare - ive woken up in pipe and slippers !!

'' Happy Birthday '' welcome to the 40 club

Happy birthday!

Squeeze out an happy old fart of a birthday.

I feel old at 26 so i'm screwed when I get to 40.


Happy Birthday.

Happy 40th! It only gets better from here on in
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