The Big Creme Egg Hunt!

Found 5th Jan
This year Cadbury’s will be doing a Easter egg competition.

The aim will to find the white chocolate egg in selected stores. These stores are Co-Op, Sainsburys, Tescos and independent
retailers. If a store is participating it will have a ‘Hunt for the white creme egg’ in store.

The prizes will range from £2000 to £100. Each store will have a designated allocation of each each prize.
There is only 371 prizes to be had.

This competition will run from the 1st of January to the 1st of April

Vouchers will be found inside the wrapper.

Good luck, happy hunting!

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See how many people are going to pick the foil and replace it 😬…tml

Fury as shoppers and supermarket STAFF are accused of unwrapping Cadbury Creme Eggs in desperate 'Willy Wonka' hunt for £2,000 white egg
Read more:…tml…ze/
CRACKING UP Supermarket staff accused of unwrapping Cadbury Creme Eggs in search of £2k white eggShoppers in London, Essex and Blackburn claim to have Creme Eggs which appear to have been unwrapped…40/

Shop staff ‘have been opening Creme Eggs to find white ones worth £2,000’
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TinaSandell2 h, 0 m ago

See how many people are going to pick the foil and replace it 😬

ha ha good idea, i just wish there realise a white egg i can try

58 p each now and they're smaller
Just a huge marketing ploy

How to tell if an egg is white without opening - according to Metro, who were lucky enough to get their hands on one of the rare eggs, there's a tell-tale clue on the wrapper of the white chocolate version.

Rather than saying "milk chocolate", it says "white".

I bought some kinder surprise eggs the other day and the wrappers looked like they been put back on as they were a right mess , wonder if someone got confused and thought these were in the competition lol but I wasn't dispoainted as the toy was still inside
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