The big energy deal

    Did anyone find it saved them more money than the usual comparison websites?

    I received an email fro 38degrees so thought id just check what I can save even though im on fixed tariff for the next year. So here I am thinking because its a deal from a source which is on our side most times, I would be getting a bargain. Turns out I wouldnt save anything, all the deals shown were in minus (shocked) i would be out of pocket more. Then I used the comparethemarket, there weren't any savings to be made there either, however at-least I wouldnt be out of pocket more. I suspect its because of the time of year were in that reflects the savings, however im shocked the big energy deals didnt provide a better savings than the usual comparison websites. Anyone actually checked big energy deal vs usual comparison websites before taking up the deal. Did Big energy deal give a better savings or is it just a marketing tool?


    With these thing you need first to understand how you use gas and electric. By that I mean are you a heavy user and will you be using more or less over the next 12 months to the past 12 months.

    Then you can choose which deal is best, because the rippoff with these companies is how they manipulate the two parts that make up the bill - Fuel Use & Standing Charge per day.

    For example I was with one company who claimed to have only increased their price by 5% but in fact their standing charge had gone up over 1000% and because I used little gas that meant my bill will have gone up a large amount because the standing charge was a high percentage.

    Also I would try for a fixed price right now because a few companies have not updated their prices yet and are still offering 12 month fixed on existing prices fixed to Oct 2017 are one such company. I switched electricity to them and saved over £200 on the quote from my existing. The comparisons site can't match it either. I use fixed till Oct 2017 for my gas

    No one is offering any good deals atm but beware oil prices are on the up !

    If your contract is until next year stay on it cause all tariffs have gone up a lot.
    I see on the news today that Ofgem who told the energy providers to only do 4 tariffs to make it easier for customers to pick a tariff changed their minds. The day of the result of Brexit they put out the info that the 4 tariffs is not going to happen.
    Ofgem is supposed to be on our side but obviously they are not.

    The Big switch could save me £164 clicking though there website, Uswitch could save me £146 clicking though there website with octopus energy. Then i clicked back to Uswitch and the best deal was with co-op energy saving of £196.04.
    so i clicked back to the big energy site and clicked the link show all show all other tariffs and it says co-op energy saving as £206.00 so i can save with co-op thats a certain but it looks like Uswitch actually take some kind of fee using them difference between £196 and £206 is around £10. definitely worth checking around the sites. I only just changed my eon plan for another eon plan and saved around £30 a month with just doing that and staying with the same company also got a £88.88 credit refund from eon.

    also just looked again and saving best deal dual fuel is co-op energy at uswitch is £196.04 but if i do them separably gas is £146.62 with cardif energy and electric is £104.18 with robin hood energy= £250.80 saving doing it with separate energy companies based on my actual usage and around £50 better off doing it without a dual fuel deal.
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