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    Well seems my bad luck strikes again ill give ya the story last year when i was working for Gamestation a new power hungry (i wanna change the world) area manager took over and decided he was going to move alot of the staff on who had been there for a while.....because we wernt all these maniacs who spentd our lives in work.

    So on April the 1st (was before 12 as well) i got suspended due to some paperwork id not filled in (they tended to find any small holes to get you on and then try and crucify you or pressure you till you left, saw it numerous times) , dediced id had enough anyway so my doc signed me off sick for 4 weeks, so i took there money and moved to a new job at Santander/abbey with credit cards (new department) we were put here to setup and take new activations calls and queries and this job has for some reason never felt secure (hearing rumblings about other new departments taking our calls etc)

    And again this year on 30th of march we got called aside the whole 30 people and we get told we are being made redundant and the jobs moved to another centre down south,having an absolute nightmare!

    Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo that time again new job so ive got an interview tommorrow for Citibank (Citigroup) probably the hardest job ive gone for but i think im ready.......and another interview next week for Barclays, so i think ill land on my feet hopefully!

    But is it that hard to get any sense of security nowadays, when i was younger i heard about loads of people with 20-30 years services now it seems most jobs your lucky to last about 1-2 years dont quite understand it.

    Anyway rant over!!!! wish me luck

    (best of all through all of this my partner has had absolute crap with jobs as well but we have been through hell thick and thin and still we survive stronger and stronger....hope we can get back on the straight and narrow so we can go see micky mouse in florida this halloween! )


    Sorry to hear that Hawkio. :-( Good luck with the interview(s), I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Hopefully there will be better and more stable times ahead

    As for the job market, it seems to suck all round right now. Sure in the 'bad old days' there was more unemployment and strikes, etc. but at least people knew where they were, felt more secure and could make long term plans. :x

    Don't think there are many jobs for life anymore. It sucks to be made redundant, I know. Good luck with your interview.


    Sucks man!

    Good Luck though!:thumbsup:

    :thumbsup:good luck

    Original Poster

    cheers just bored in work thought id tell ya me tale

    Good luck in your interviews hope you get something you enjoy. I finally found a job i loved and was good at after years of short lived jobs then i was diagnosed with a condition that ment i had to leave sods law. I can empathise with you completely and fingers crossed the next job is the right one for you

    Think positive - all things, good or bad, happen for a reason. You won't know why just yet but in time it'll all become clear. Look back at other things that have happened to you. if you could change them now, how would it effect how your life is now?
    Example you used to work for Gamestation - that area manager done you a favour!
    See you are lucky, now go get that job!!!:thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    exactly my way of thinking something better will crop up.


    2.5yrs in first job (I left) and 5.5yrs in current job if that helps change your mind?

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    a little yeh fingers crossed heh

    Good luck.

    I am lucky, I tend to change jobs because I choose to, however, just at the moment wouldn't like to think where I will be in six months time.

    good luck

    hope we can get back on the straight and narrow so we can go see micky … hope we can get back on the straight and narrow so we can go see micky mouse in florida this halloween!

    It's just a man in a suit you know...
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