The cheapest new washing machine challenge-please help me find one!

    Well due to being busy i missed the last stonking deal!
    Daughter needs one cheapest she can get as she needs so many things starting out..i saw the ebay argos ones after they had sold and the bestbuy after oos..please help if you have seen any cheapy cheap under £150 del pref
    thanks! virtual rep left xx


    there are some on ebay in that price range (new) cant seem to find any anywhere else under £150

    Looks like you have to by second hand under £150

    Cheapest can often end up being the more expensive option though. Are there any discount white goods stores by you that sell damaged /return items? Or as above I've just had a brand new £600 integrated fridge freezer off ebay for £250.
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    £175 seems to be around the cheapest delivered…eed

    2% quidco too if you really want to squeeze another £3 odd off it.

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    thanks guys i was looking at the cheapest and there have been some recently ive just missed out on...i actually dont believe the cheapest is worst as i had a very expensive hoover one 'rolls eyes'
    i have a siemens now i love but she doesnt have funds and we cant pay for everything...although id like to x
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